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Natural Fiber Area Rugs: Seagrass, Jute, Sisal, Hemp, Bamboo

Seagrass area rugs, jute area rugs, and sisal rugs are all featured in our natural fiber area rug collection, pictured below.  Natural bamboo rugs designed for the enjoyment of outdoor spaces, such as screened-in porches, patios, and sunrooms, are also among the natural fiber rugs offered through our online catalog.

Our Athena Collection of natural fiber rugs is available in three basic sizes, although custom sizes can be arranged. The cotton or leather borders that provide an attractive frame for these natural fiber rugs are available in ten colors. Other collections of natural fiber rugs include the Jute with Cotton Border Collection, the Rhodes Collection, and the Seagrass Custom Rug Gallery Collection. The Jute natural fiber rugs are available in five sizes, ranging from 2'x 8' to 10' x 3'. These 100% natural jute fiber rugs are available with colored or black borders.The Rhodes Collection of natural fiber area rugs are available in seven sizes, ranging from 2'6" x 9' up to 9'10" x 13'2". These made-in-the-USA natural fiber area rugs are 100% new wool. The colors of these natural fiber area rugs include sisal, sage, charcoal, and cork. The Seagrass collection of natural fiber rugs features 14 lively border design choices. Sizes of our seagrass area rugs range from 2' x 8' to 10' x 14'.

View: Bakari (Sisal)
View: Botanical Blends I (Seagrass w/Latex Backing)
View: Botanical Blends I (Seagrass w/Polyurethane Padded Backing)
Fibreworks Bungalow Sisal Rug Collection
View: Cheena (Straw/Seagrass/Jute)
View: Cirque (Sisal)
View: Coastal Classics Shoshone (Sisal)
View: Coastal Classics Sierra (Sisal)
View: Garden Scroll (Sisal)
View: Island Colours (Sisal)
View: Jutey Jutey Jutey Collection (Jute)
View: Mayan Riviera (Sisal)
View: Mermaid (Sisal)
View: Odyssey (Sisal)
View: Paradise Retreat (Sisal)
View: Siskiyou (Sisal)
View: Studio Key (Sisal)
View: Styx (Sisal)
Fibreworks Tiki Sisal Rug Collection
View: Togo (Sisal)
View: Tropical Sands (Sisal)
View: Zodiac (Sisal)
View: Bay Collection
View: Andes Jute
View: Art Collection
View: Capra Collection
View: Continental
View: Marley
View: Saket Collection
View: Scarsborough
View: Soho
View: Surya Bleached Jute
View: Surya Woven Jute
View: Trinidad
View: Tropics
View: Urbana Collection