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Oriental Door Mats

Great for homes and businesses, our oriental door mats add a distinctive touch of class wherever you place them. Available in four color variations, these oriental door mats will complement the decor of any room, entranceway, or lobby. With three sizes from which to choose, these decorative oriental door mats can be use as large doormats (25" x 41") or full-sized oriental rugs (65" x 92"). The vinyl backing of these oriental door mats help them stay in place, even in heavy traffic areas. In spite of their fancy appearance, these oriental door mats are considered commercial grade wiper mats. They're durable, fade resistant, and will withstand wear and tear better than other oriental doors mats on the market.

Some high-traffic business establishments, especially those with snowy winter weather, may need oriental door mats that do more than just look good, last long, and hold some dirt. If you're looking for oriental door mats with both durability and high moisture absorption and retention, the Orientrax is the recommended solution. Available in red cinnamon, hillcrest sage, and blue-gray, these oriental door mats not only look great but they'll help keep your floor dry and clean. With four sizes from which to choose, you can find the perfect match for all your entranceways.