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Cobblestone Bamboo Rug

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Bamboo rugs have been a traditional floor covering in the Far East for centuries. They add a touch of organic, practical elegance to any space. Our bamboo rugs are made of the finest quality, sustainably harvested bamboo in the world for supreme durability. Kiln-dried bamboo is machine-planed and sanded for a smooth finish. The Villager Collection offers a rustic design of varied, narrow bamboo slats in fresh solid colors with subtle accent stitching.

*Slight color variations may occur due to the unique, natural qualities of the bamboo.

  • 100% Anji Mountain bamboo, the strongest and hardest bamboo in the world.
  • Eco-friendly bamboo from sustainable forests.
  • Patented, ventilated, non-slip rug pad backing cushions, keeps the mat in place and extends the life of the rug.

Anji Mountain

Kiln-dried bamboo is machine-planed and sanded for a smooth finish

100% Moso bamboo is renowned for its durability and is sustainably harvested in its native habitat in the Anji Mountains of China

Mitered polypropylene borders provide resilience and clean design