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Easy installation, custom fit, and exquisite looks are what you can expect when you order Zoroufy stair rods from one of our five collections. In addition to being able to choose the rod length and finish, some of the collections enable you to further customize your Zoroufy stair rods by specifying rod style and finial style. The five Zoroufy stair rod collections we currently offer are the Dynasty Collection, the Grand Dynasty Collection, the Heritage Collection, the Sovereign Collection, and the Select Stair Rods Collection. Enhance the look of opulence in your home by custom ordering a set of distinctive Zoroufy stair rods for your staircase runner.

An alternative to Zoroufy stair rods that some home owners consider is the simpler Zaroufy stair holds. Unlike the Zaroufy stair rods, the Zaroufy stair holds don't extend across the entire width of the runner. Although quite a bit smaller, what they do have in common with the Zaroufy stair rods is elegance and a selection of decorative finishes. Whether you select the Zoroufy stair holds or a set of opulent-looking Zoroufy stair rods, your stairway carpet runner will be held securely in place and have an added look of quality.

A related product that's perfect for people who own rugs, tapestries, and quilts that they wish to display on their wall is the patented Zouroufy wall hangers. The three Zaroufy wall hanger collections we offer are the Grand Regency collectionLegacy adjustable wall hanger collection, and Regency wall hangers. All Zouroufy wall hangers are made from 100% brass and can be cut to your exact specifications.

We can have the zoroufy stair rods custom cut at the mill to fit your stair case perfectly! Please give us a call after you place your order at 1-800-810-7847 and we can take the width of your runner and have the zourofy stair rods custom cut at no charge so all you have to do is screw them in when they arrive! Please click links listed below to browse each collection.