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Infinity Luxory Woven Fabrics

Fabrics For The Floor (Interior and Exterior Designs). The Interior and Exterior Designs Collection is produced utilizing two
distinctive and Registered, Certifiably Green Fabric Brands designed for any type of use, be it Hospitality carpet, Healthcare
carpet, Indoor / Outdoor (Exterior/ Interior) carpet or Marine / Boat carpet. The Earthtex Fabrics are Cradle-to-Cradle Silver
Certified, 100% Recyclable to their virgin state. Earthtex Fabrics are resistant to mold, mildew and abrasion, and are Ultra Violet

Our Textilene Brand Fabrics are Ultra Violet Stable, resistant to fading and each is antimicrobial, thus not promoting bacterial
growth. Textilene Fabrics and Earthtex Fabrics are soil and stain resistant, and are easily cleaned. Our product has been used in
such applications as the Brad Pitt Make it Right Foundation and is a perfect addition for office carpet, residential carpet, gym
floor carpet and even aviation carpet.